Magazine Issues»July-August 2013

Swiss asset management executives discuss international clientele, barriers to distribution and adapting to changes in Europe. Chaired by Nick Fitzpatrick in Zurich.

AfricaAfricans, with their growing savings pools, could repeat previous investor trends in emerging markets and give asset managers a chance to capitalise, finds Fiona Rintoul.

MonacoDelegates at FundForum International discussed variable pay, African investment and the 'complacency' of the asset management industry. George Mitton reports.

Giordano LombardoPioneer Investments believes it is time for investors to allocate more to risk assets. Special report by Funds Europe in association with Pioneer Investments.

FootballThe momentum in the credit market has sharply reversed in recent months. Jamie Hamilton of M&G Investments, says this has created opportunities in high yield and junior financial bonds that underline the importance of patience.

Eve EllisThere is a question whether the regulatory reform of the UK's Financial Services Authority (FSA) in April is merely cosmetic or will result in substantive change in financial services regulation.

RulerA lack of faith in standard risk measures is pushing portfolio managers to look externally for benchmarking of their internal risk management. Nicholas Pratt investigates.

Much attention is being paid to the selection of the outsourcing partner.
Heavyweights of the banking industry are battling for the audience vote like a business version of X Factor, over an intense period of workshops and presentations.