Magazine Issues»July-August 2013

Meeting roomI recently took a boat trip to one of Europe's furthest-flung spots: St Kilda. The archipelago lies some 60 kilometres west of the Outer Hebrides, and there is nothing west of it until the Americas.

Kendo maskTheir home market has an exceptional potential for growth, but Asian asset managers are increasingly looking to Europe. Stefanie Eschenbacher finds they encounter high costs and investors that like to stick to familiar brands.

Guy StrappJust as Eastspring Investments starts its big Europe push, Guy Strapp takes over as chief executive. Stefanie Eschenbacher finds out more about the expansion plans of the Asian asset manager.

Keith SkeochThe chief executive at Standard Life Investments meets George Mitton to talk about the RDR, losing members of the GARS team and the weather in the south of France.

Spinning topsInvestors have started to pull money out of bond funds as concerns mount that US, Japanese and Chinese monetary policy will tighten soon. Stefanie Eschenbacher takes a closer look at the emerging market debt sector.

Oscilloscope lineFunds Europe analysis of Lipper data shows where ETFs have beat active returns and supports the investment thesis that gives guidance on blending active and passive investment, says Nick Fitzpatrick.

CoralEurope's ETF market lags behind the US in volume but attempts to make the market more efficient may hold the key to greater growth, Nicholas Pratt discovers.

HandgunTriggers can help pension schemes lock in their funding position and move closer to de-risking. Will these triggers play a role as QE starts to unwind? George Mitton reports.