Supplements»Jersey Report 2017

SurfersAs Britain prepares to leave the EU, Jersey’s fund management industry hopes to gain some new business. George Mitton reports.

Geoff_MittonThe chief executive of Jersey Finance is keen to portray the island as a stable, trustworthy jurisdiction. He talks to George Mitton.

Our panel discuss tax transparency, the elegance of private placement and why Jersey could do more to promote itself. Chaired by Tom Cowsill in Saint Helier.

Darren_ZamanAs financial advisers around the world adapt to a new model, wealth managers such as Brooks Macdonald see opportunities for growth. George Mitton talks to Darren Zaman.

Economic growth in Asia has made the continent ever more important as a source of fund flows and an investment destination. Trevor Norman of Volaw Group examines Jersey’s role in Islamic finance while Jonathan Schiessl of Ashburton Investments discusses China and India.

Rhea-HoodWhether they are setting up property unit trusts or alternative investment funds, US asset managers have often chosen Jersey as a domicile. Rhea Hood, director, private equity at Sanne, examines how this relationship will develop in future.

Jersey’s fund administrators discuss the obstacles they faced in 2016 and how they were overcome.

Marting_Paul-Richard_Le_LiaIn the past year, the biggest developments for Jersey’s funds sector arose from the ongoing tripartite initiative between Jersey’s government, the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) and funds industry participants to streamline and enhance the Jersey funds regime.