Magazine Issues»February 2014

Army epaulettesThe once dormant collateralised loan obligation market has sprung back into life. The CLO is one method of investing in corporate loans and the prospect of rising rates could create interest in others, finds Nick Fitzpatrick.

SparklesA year on since the UK overhauled its retail fund distribution market, Martin Morris looks at how platforms and other players have digested changes, and finds there is still some scepticism about the removal of fund selection bias.

ProximityAsset managers face a dilemma: How to keep close to their clients as the industry itself internationalises? This is where social media becomes crucial, though it has its challenges, says Rafael Aguilera of EY.

Lite upThe depo-lite regime was supposed to be a quick and cost-effective method for non-EU hedge funds to comply with the AIFMD. As the deadline approaches Nicholas Pratt asks why there have been so few of these alternative depositaries created.

Steve YoungThere has been much debate recently surrounding Ibor, or the investment book of record. Much of it continues without a clear understanding of what the subject entails.

PastryWith high levels of demand for corporate bonds, the Edhec-Risk Institute considers why these assets are good for both performance-seeking and liability-hedging portfolios.

Hong KongThe first instalment of our new regular feature profiles recent launches that grabbed our attention, and looks at one fund a year later.

Chris-HannantSince the beginning of last year, the UK advisory sector has undergone considerable change as it implemented the retail distribution review (RDR).