Magazine Issues»February 2012

SnakeA new class of hedge funds focuses on hedging against extreme market events, or tail hedging. However, there are uncertainties, says Lance Teitelbaum, meaning a diversified approach is critical.

OrphansA number of customer accounts will be 'orphaned' when changes caused by the UK's retail distribution review are enforced. Karen Bond explains.

DragonIn 2009 and 2010, China was the largest investor in clean energy in the world but, so far, there has been little investment from China in clean energy outside the country.

MulticolorsSingle funds investing in diverse asset classes are gaining ground. Nicholas Pratt looks at how four asset managers run their operational infrastructure to support investment in a range of assets and geographies.

AmbasuthanAmbasuthan Jananayagam, of Point Nine Financial Technologies, tells us how the realtionship between society and technology is changing.

Music-sheetsEfforts to regulate clearing and settlement in Europe are proceeding with Target2-Securities and other projects. But George Mitton finds that in the emerging markets, progress is piecemeal, and hampered by politics.

Rocket_launchIn our new regular feature, we will profile some of the most interesting fund launches of the previous month. However, this inaugral data goes back to October and shows a good spread of equity and bond funds.

Darren-StainrodDarren Stainrod, the chairman of the Cayman Islands Fund Administrators Association, tells us why Cayman countries are so attractive to global funds administrators.