Supplements»ETFs Report 2013

PresentLondon-based investors were recently granted the right to use their offshore renminbi and invest it into China under its renminbi qualified foreign institutional investor programme. Stefanie Eschenbacher finds Asian asset managers are exploring the possibilities to list their exchange-traded funds in Europe as Ucits.

SkylineThe largest net inflow for two decades to the small cap Russell 2000® Index occurred earlier this year. Gareth Parker, senior director, Index Research, Design & Development of Russell Investments, tells Funds Europe how this index fits into long-term portfolios and in what environment it is likely to outperform in the shorter term.

ETF providers say custodians need to step up stock lending programmes to serve the European market. Our ETF operations panel discusses this obstacle to industry development, and highlights the problem of multi-market listings. Edited by Nick Fitzpatrick.

GlobeA pan-European market structure for ETFs might help reduce cost and boost liquidity. Nicholas Pratt examines the latest initiatives to create this model.