Supplements»ETFs Report 2011

ZebraETF providers often say their clients are 'mostly institutional'. But what does this actually mean? Angele Spiteri Paris looks at customer classifications.

fruitThere is evidence of a greater focus on exchange traded funds' tracking error. Nick Fitzpatrick considers how some ETFs may be less faithful to the index return than others.

SnowboarderSome big-name fund managers are experimenting with active ETFs. But can they convince the sceptics who say this kind of product should only be used for passive index-tracking? George Mitton finds out more.

Ted_HoodAmid the cluster of ETF providers, Source found a gap in the market. Developing a product to be used by hedge funds to short stocks has been key to the firm's business. Angele Spiteri Paris speaks to CEO Ted Hood.

Jo_KeenanBNY Mellon Asset Servicing is dedicated to supporting growth in the global ETF business and being a first mover means it is due to be a leader in this space.

Solar_systemAfter celebrating its tenth birthday in Europe last year, the ETF universe has continued to expand. Angele Spiteri Paris looks at recent trends.

NewspaperStock exchanges on which ETFs are traded are central to a product's success and dialogue between exchanges and providers is growing. Angele Spiteri Paris takes a closer look at Deutsche Borse's Xetra.

Denis_PanelTHEAM, the newly launched specialist asset manager within BNP Paribas Investment Partners, has recently reshaped its EasyETF offer and is now focusing its energies on a range of 'star' ETFs to ensure it provides clients with the best products available on the market.