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Romil_PatelEnvironmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are transitioning from being ‘nice to have’ to an integral part of the investment process.

Shouldering_EarthRomil Patel looks at modern sustainable investing and how it is attempting to reach a level of coverage beyond Europe.

PensionersPension funds need to perform a complex balancing act, providing today’s retirees with an income while working to ensure investments for future generations have a positive impact, writes Romil Patel.

BettingThe number of sustainable ETFs has taken off in the past year or two but there’s still room for innovation, writes Romil Patel.

Our panel discusses the rise of ESG investing post-financial crisis, the right level of scrutiny and developments in an ever-changing landscape. Chaired by Romil Patel in London.

Over the last ten years, ESG criteria have increasingly become part of the mainstream for many pension funds and asset managers. But Mirabaud Asset Management believes this is just the start of a longer journey.

ForestThere is still a fundamental gap between what corporates disclose about their sustainability practices and what investors want to know, as Romil Patel reports.

Climate_changeFunds Europe asked a range of asset owners and asset managers what they are doing, as responsible investors, to tackle the biggest risk facing the world right now.