Magazine Issues»December 2022

automateFunds Europe talks to Calastone’s Varun Atre about the role of new technology in helping to automate the more complex parts of the funds processing chain.

private equityRenaud Dutreil thinks private equity is the best solution for boosting regional economies and innovation – and illiquidity is good for long-term finance. The politician turned fund professional speaks to Nick Fitzpatrick.

CEOSandro Pierri and Joseph Pinto are two of the most senior executives in European asset management. Both are based in Paris. In our special head-to-head feature, they discuss the asset management industry as it enters 2023.

Funds Europe Awards, 2022,The annual Funds Europe Awards ceremony took place on November 10th at the iconic Tower of London. The event was hosted by Samira Ahmed, the journalist and broadcaster whose work mainly covers BBC television and radio.

Nick FitzpatrickAnyone who’s ever organised an event knows the fear of no one turning up. Apparently, even U2 still worry about ticket sales. Fingernails were bitten short, then, on the day of the Funds Europe Awards 2022.

supply chainLaraib Shahid asks to what extent the ‘Great Resignation’ theory explains issues with supply chains and considers the prospects for 2023.

IndiaSince the acronym was coined, much has changed in some of the countries that make up the ‘BRICS’. Piyasi Mitra considers why India may be the standout.