Magazine Issues»December 2019

Globe_digitalCaceis, the French custody bank, is focusing more on business outside the EU following a merger. This means it is following its two largest French peers – Societe Generale and BNP Paribas – into more overseas locations. Bob Currie looks into the world of French asset servicing.

Digital_globeFunds Europe talks to Calastone’s chief revenue officer, Ed Lopez, about the coming of a digital dawn for money market funds.

Oliver_CrowleyThis summer, residents of European cities could not help but be affected by calls from protesters for action on climate change.

Lee_GodfreyFund administrator Intertrust has introduced transformational processes that are designed to help the firm’s clients do the same. Amongst the technology, the human touch is a central feature.

ShipFunds Europe hosted BlackRock and MSCI in a webinar where we discussed how dividend investing can be managed through volatile markets.

Pat_SharmanI have always maintained a strong passion for governance. This has been heavily influenced by my work in the pensions industry for over 25 years, including over five years as a trustee for Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution pension schemes.

Autonomous_carDigitalisation in fund management centres on making funds self-aware. This has not happened outside of individual enterprises yet, but a Funds Europe webinar in association with Milestone Group discusses digital transformation’s next stage.

SG_HK_SHFunds Global Asia reports from Clearstream’s Annual Asia Summit, held in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.