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Nick-FitzpatrickThis is our end-of-year edition, so one final mention of the B-word. Blockchain’s use in distribution took a step forward in December when Calastone, a fund transaction network, said that by next May, it will have migrated its network to the distributed ledger technology.

Fiona_Rintoul2018 has been a year of political shocks. Russia’s actions in Crimea. The murder of Saudia journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey. The election of a populist government in Italy.

CupcakeA year on from MiFID II’s implementation, Mark Latham investigates the extent to which the industry is innovating as it implements the directive’s costs and charges disclosure requirements.

TrappedThe possibility of a firm like Amazon arriving in the funds market is seen by many as an ever-present threat. Nicholas Pratt takes the pulses of some of those who may, or may not, worry about it.

BlockchainMatt Duncan, chief executive of Ostrum Asset Management, tells Mark Latham about plans to give his firm first mover advantage on blockchain technology.

American_flagPatrick Colle, CEO of BNP Paribas Securities Services, was fortunate when a client’s merger handed it access to the US ’40 Act market. Now Europe’s largest custodian is set to gain on its US competitors, writes Nick Fitzpatrick.

SRI investing powered to the top of asset management agendas in 2018. Jersey Finance research suggests the trajectory in 2019 will be just as steep.

Andrew_KinseyThe past year has seen significant change for the UK commercial office investment market. A combination of factors, both international and domestic, has contributed to fluctuation in the sector and 2019 is forecast to be an eventful – but potentially very fruitful – year for those who have the appetite and resources to adapt.