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Romil_PatelWhile the world obsesses over China’s slowest rate of economic growth since 1990, the country is rebalancing in a way that makes it much more interesting to foreign investors.

ShanghaiMore than ever, China’s markets are opening up to foreigners. Romil Patel looks at how this is working in practice.

Globe_handsMore than four decades on from Deng Xiaoping’s reforms, millions in China have been lifted out of poverty. Its real economy is robust – and compared to many parts of the world, almost too competitive, writes Romil Patel.

Shanghai_waterfrontInfrastructure investment aimed at powering economic growth – and with it, Beijing’s global ambitions – coincides with efforts to open China’s financial sector further to foreign investors. Romil Patel reports from Shanghai.

Jun_LiAs China continues to open its financial sector to foreign investors and embed itself ever deeper into the global economy, now is the time to handpick the stocks and investment targets that foreign investors crave, says Jun Li, chief investment officer of Sagard China.

Our panel discussed China’s growth story as it opens its financial markets further to foreign investors, MSCI inclusion in major benchmark indices and the battle for technological supremacy. Chaired by Romil Patel in London.

Nidhi_MahurkarIt is only a matter of time before China merits its own allocation distinct from global emerging markets, says Nidhi Mahurkar of Investec Asset Management. She believes active management is crucial.

Wei_YaoWith China and the US close to a trade deal and Beijing stepping up policy stimulus, we expect the Chinese economy to be on a more stable footing later this year, says Wei Yao, Chief China Economist at Societe Generale.


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