Research Reports»Calastone Sep 2019

The application of new technology is important in helping the investment funds industry to win new business and to deliver secure, efficient services.

The asset management industry is being transformed by a combination of regulatory and cost pressures, technical innovation and changing investor preferences.

Looking globally, the survey explored which emerging fund centres are likely to provide the best opportunities for asset management companies to grow their business (fig 3).

From a list of emerging technologies, the survey asked respondents to select which will have the largest impact on the funds industry (fig 5).

The next section has been included in the survey for the past two years. This analyses which companies will be the most valuable partners to asset management firms in managing business innovation and which will be the primary sources of disruption to the investment funds industry.

Repeating a question that was also included in the 2017 and 2018 surveys, we asked respondents whether asset managers are good at making use of data about their distribution supply chain (fig 17).