Magazine Issues»April 2020

artificial intelligenceAI investment funds are not all about mega-caps like Alphabet, but about companies in other sectors using AI to increase competition, finds Fiona Rintoul.

South_African_roundtable_2020Experts discuss the investment implications of the coronavirus pandemic, a delayed rebound in global growth and dealing with South Africa’s energy issues head on. Chaired by Romil Patel in Cape Town.

EcosystemNicholas Pratt examines whether the growing use of APIs will herald a new era of open innovation in the asset management world.

Bull_marketTim Lind of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) explains how firms can access more data than ever before and describes an ideal data set for buy-side firms.

Gautam_MehraPwC’s Global CEO Survey reflected a drop in the growth outlook for 2020. These sentiments were reflected in India as well, writes Gautam Mehra, leader – tax and regulatory at PwC India.

Bangkok_skylineThe world has taken a battering from black swan events, namely COVID-19. Experts share their insights on Malaysia and Thailand as they put their strategies to the test in unprecedented times.

CoronavirusJust as geopolitical risks continued to fade away in Q1 2020, Covid-19 caused markets to unravel again, with investor sentiment declining across the board, writes Monjur Chowdhury.

Thomas_RichterThe German investment funds association BVI has hit out at any attempt to clamp down on short-selling in the EU as demanded by some regulators and market participants.