Magazine Issues»April 2020

Nick-FitzpatrickWeek three of working from home. It’s going well. But this is the week that the enormity of the situation is sinking in. A close friend is now presenting symptoms of Covid-19.

Fiona_RintoulLast Christmas, I visited my dad in East Kilbride, a Scottish new town with what might be termed an upper working-class population. It boasts a large, modern shopping centre, glittering with glass and chrome, called the Plaza.

Kids_watching_TVOne response to what may be the worst shock to hit the modern western world is to sit it out, watching TV. Fiona Rintoul analyses events and finds streaming services may be a major beneficiary.

Owen_Lysak_and_Charles_MorrisIn December, the EU adopted a package of regulatory measures intended to introduce a new prudential (capital adequacy, liquidity) regulatory regime for investment firms: the Investment Firm Regulation (IFR) and Directive (IFD).

MusicianAlex Rolandi asks if index funds have a role to play in combating current volatility and whether coronavirus has revealed market imperfections. 

Natural_disasterAs volatility dominates the markets, Alex Rolandi and Romil Patel look at the advantages and risks of investing in real estate during uncertain times.

Hubert_ZellerFunds Europe talks to Hubert Zeller of UBS about its Fund Management Services hub in Luxembourg and the need for tailor-made solutions.

Teresa_ParkerTeresa Parker, Northern Trust’s European chief, talks to Mark Latham about the relentless drive of technology, the rise of alternatives, Brexit and the coronavirus.



Global Fund Management Regulatory Outlook 2023
The financial services industry is no stranger to frequent regulatory upheaval and scrutiny, however the past year has been particularly demanding on market participants.

This whitepaper details key regulatory changes scheduled and pending in 2023, and how they will impact fund managers and fund distributors.
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