Magazine Issues»April 2019

CAMRADATA’s Diversified Growth Funds (DGF) investment research report for Q4 2018, which charts the performance of investments and asset managers across the DGF universe, revealed a difficult quarter for managers of these funds.

Sanchez_and_IrazustaExchange-traded funds (ETFs) offer many advantages, including efficiency, high liquidity and speed in gaining exposure to the securities market.

BarbellIs in-house administration using vendor software a solution for smaller fund managers who might feel neglected by the large cross-border admin providers? Nicholas Pratt looks at some of the detail.

Our 2019 survey of third-party administration firms presents global assets under adminstration and a breakdown for Europe and major fund centres.

Team_meetingFunds Europe puts questions to senior executives about M&A, fund management priorities and Brexit. Plus, essential figures about some of Europe’s largest administration providers.

John_ReadeFrom the epicentre of the global financial crisis (GFC), the failure of Lehman on September 15, 2008, it is possible to track significant structural change across the global gold market.