Magazine Issues»April 2018

Nick-FitzpatrickSteven Maijoor, the chairman of Europe’s financial regulator, recently used a German funds industry event to quell fears that countries outside of the EU would not be able to perform certain activities for EU-domiciled funds, such as portfolio management, once Brexit had happened.

Fiona_RintoulIf you want to understand how completely out of touch traditional banks are with their customers’ needs, you need look no further than a recent conversation I had with the Bank of Scotland.

Currency_signsFX fees and transaction methods have come under the spotlight once again since the UK’s Investment Association issued guidelines on market practices. Catherine Lafferty looks at the scale of the issue in the UK and Europe.

Shark_finsThe funds industry is ramping up cyber security defences. Nicholas Pratt looks at what to do in the event of an attack.

Blockchain is one of THE buzzwords in recent years. Governments, industries and companies alike are seeking to use blockchain technology to boost cybersecurity and build what amounts to a new transaction layer based on the idea that cryptographic keys and shared ledgers can incentivise users to secure and formalise digital relationships.

Overflowing_cupCapital market regulations such as MiFID II mean ETFs are set to flourish even further. Fiona Rintoul finds out why.

Mark Hargraves, Head of Framlington Global Equities, takes a fresh approach to equity investing.

Kiyomizu-dera TempleProfit margins in Japan have surged even though GDP has been subdued. John Vail of Nikko Asset Management explains why.