Magazine Issues»April 2015

Fiona RintoulDoes pay matter? This question – which is very much in the news at the moment – is not as easy to answer as you might think.

PencilsPension schemes can still invest in offshore alternative funds, but national regulations are making the task harder, finds Nick Fitzpatrick. Meanwhile, Aberdeen Asset Management is planning an alternative Ucits launch.

BoxesSurvey after survey points to increased allocations to alternative assets by pension funds, writes Alix Robertson.

AliceYields on sovereign bonds and bank interest rates have moved into negative territory, making the world of fixed income a challenging place to navigate. David Stevenson finds out how asset managers are dealing with the new normal.

Travelers chequesAfter a number of scandals, confidence in foreign exchange execution is at an all-time low. Nicholas Pratt examines whether it is time for some sweeping changes and new trading models.

CarrotsBefore long, just feeding the population may require two Earth-sized planets. This makes food a highly important investment theme, as Fiona Rintoul reports. 

Hugh PrendergastFunds Europe talks to Pioneer Investments’ Hugh Prendergast about new thinking on asset allocation and risk management and embracing new sources of returns. 

Ho RheeMirae Asset Global Investments has tripled its Ucits assets in two years. Alix Robertson talks to its chief executive in Hong Kong, Jung Ho Rhee.