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BlackRock launches its first dollar-hedge Europe equity ETF

ETFBlackRock has launched a dollar-hedged exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in the equities of large and mid-sized European companies.

The iShares MSCI EMU USD Hedged Ucits ETF tracks about 240 stocks from ten developed countries that within the European Economic and Monetary Union.

The ETF is physically replicating, meaning it purchases and holds the underlying stocks, and has a total expense ratio of 38 basis points.

This is iShares’ first US dollar hedged European equities fund.

According to BlackRock's ETP Landscape report published in May 2015, pan-European equity ETFs have been one of the industry’s most popular asset classes this year. They attracted $42.1 billion (€37.8 billion) in new money during the first five months, bringing the total invested in European equity ETFs to $254 billion at the end of May.

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