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Funds Europe Awards 2021

European Asset Management Firm of the Year (three awards)

  1. AuM less than €20 billion at May 31, 2021
  2. AuM €20 billion-€100 billion at May 31, 2021
  3. AuM greater than €100 billion at May 31, 2021

In the two larger sub-categories, entries must demonstrate exceptional outcomes for the stated investment strategy across a broad range of fund types during the 12-month period. The same applies where the AuM figure is less than €20 billion, except that the range of funds will be smaller or more limited.

Key evidence in all three sub-categories includes AuM at the start and end of the 12-month period, the pattern of net inflows, the number of funds and their performance figures, and a list of markets in which the firm is active. Further evidence of success may include the firm’s record in customer service, product development and launches, and thought leadership or research.

European ETF Provider of the Year
Evidence of success will include growth in AuM, the pattern of net inflows, stability of performance, product development and innovation, increased acceptability and uptake in target markets. The submission must also demonstrate the positive contribution of a coherent company culture.

European ESG Manager of the Year
To win this new award, a firm must convince the judges that it has set itself robust ESG targets and can demonstrate transparency in terms of how these are being met. This may be across one or all of the ESG components. Ultimately, the judges must genuinely trust the firm’s ESG credentials.

Entries deadline: Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Please email Michael Fennessy at [email protected] with any questions or enquiries.