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Magazine Issues » April 2022

Editorial: Dear Anastasiia...

Nick_FitzpatrickIt felt ridiculous asking Anastasiia Gavryliuk of the Ukrainian Association of Investment Business to write an article for Funds Europe shortly after Russia launched its invasion of her country. Indeed, in my email to her, I acknowledged that the idea of her checking in on work emails while under attack seemed ridiculous too.

But Anastasiia had been posting on LinkedIn about her experiences of the invasion – so, ridiculously, I thought I’d ask her.

She wrote for us, telling how she had been living with a backpack by the door, ready to move should the invasion begin. And then how she and her mother helped make soup for troops once the invasion got underway.

After the article was published, Anastasiia posted it on LinkedIn. She said she was “grateful” to the editor for the opportunity. Well, Anastasiia, it’s me that is grateful. And sorry for being so ridiculous.

Read Anastasiia's piece here.

Nick Fitzpatrick, Group Editor, Funds Europe

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