April 2019 Synopsis
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Alternative Ucits
Liquid alternative funds have become the fastest growing asset class in Europe and the UK over the last decade of ultra-low interest rates, but will the growth continue as rates begin to rise?

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Smart beta & factor investing
We examine the reasons why factor investing has sometimes failed on its promise and look at what investors can do to mitigate the drawbacks.

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US equities
Despite uncertainty, flows to US equity funds are holding out for the moment. In February, for example, US equity ETFs were top sellers. So are investors in US equities right to have so much confidence in the asset class? And if so, why?

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Fund Administration: Special report
Our annual report features some of the funds industry’s largest third-party administration players will be publish in the April issue. In it we ask senior executives about product trends, domiciles, and about operational issues and Brexit. Includes a survey & directory.

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Also with this issue:

Asia (inc. Japan) equities
As part of our ‘Asset Focus’ supplement, produced in association with CAMRADATA, we look at the investment case for Asia equities (including Japan). The market is seeing significant change as China becomes a part of a key emerging markets index. Given the stock rally there, we ask if the market has substance and what this all means for Japan in particular.

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Special reports
April also sees the publication of standalone reports about the Jersey funds industry and China. These reports have been completed.