Altana launches Inflation Trends fund

Rising-graphAltana Wealth has launched a fund aiming to protect investor capital by investing in financial and commodity futures markets, which are likely to be affected by volatile prices.

Alex Krainer, the manager, of the Altana Inflation Trends fund, seeks investment opportunities in areas where he expects large-scale dislocations. Those include, for example, in commodities and financial markets.

The fund is the second offering of the wealth manager and was seeded with $10 million.

“The best way to protect your wealth from inflation, whilst still benefiting from deflationary episodes, is through exposure to price trends for such commodities,” says Krainer.

“[The fund] will strive to meet this objective through systematic trend-following strategies in a select range of financial and commodity futures markets, sound risk management and proprietary technology with a proven track record.”

Goldman Sachs International acts as the prime broker for the fund, which is adminstred by Goldman Sachs Fund Administration in Dublin. The minimum investment is $100,00. Investors pay a 1.5% management fee and a perormance fee of 20% with a high water mark.

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