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February 2015 synopsis

Editorial Synopsis February 2015

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Active management
The need for active managers to defend what they do is perhaps more pressing than ever as passive investment obtains a larger market share and criticism of the active industry is almost constant. But can active managers really justify their existence?

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US equities
The US stock market returned to pre-crisis highs last year. It would have been impossible for active managers to not rewards investors with significant gains,wouldn't it? But in a raging bull market, investors need to be wary of high returns, because they may not be sustainable. Funds Europe looks at US equity fund performance.

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Multi asset investment
Uncertainty over monetary policy, asset bubbles and investor behaviour provided a seed bed in recent years for multi-asset funds. Funds Europe asks if investors have seen the value in these strategies and if market conditions still merit investment in this area.

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Emerging market local currency bonds
Growth and investor interest is returning to emerging markets. But the strengthening dollar and the end of QE are headwinds. Funds Europe asks what this means for local currency bonds, and whether the start of QE in Europe will be a boost.

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Specialist fund administration
Fund domiciles survive on branding themselves as centres of excellence for fund services. Funds Europe looks at how key domiciles, including the newly emerging Malta, are creating specialist fund administration sectors and what stands them apart from each other.

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The bull market in gold was noisy; the bursting of the bubble less so as equities took off at the same time. But is there still a place for gold in portfolios? And what is the outlook for the precious metal?

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Clearing & settlement
Regulatory changes to the derivatives market have elevated the role of clearing houses and central counterparties to the extent that they could be considered "too big to fail". Funds Europe looks at the ongoing debate about the contingency plans and default rules for CCPs and the fears of global inconsistency and systemic risk.

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Thematic investment: energy
The first in a series of articles looking at the social, scientific and business drivers behind certain investment themes considers alternative energy.Will the waves ever light up our cities?

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