Yves Perrier elected chairman of the AFG

YVES PERRIER newYves Perrier, chief executive of Amundi, has been elected chairman of the Association Française de la Gestion financière (AFG), with Eric Pinon chosen as vice-chairman of the French asset management association.

The board of directors also appointed former chairman Paul-Henri de La Porte du Theil as an honorary chairman in a tribute to his work.

Alongside these leadership roles, three new members were chosen to join the association’s strategic committee: Edouard Carmignac, Guillaume Dard and Didier Le Menestrel. Previously members were also reappointed, including Yves Perrier, Eric Pinon, Naïm Abou-Jaoudé, Jean-François Boulier, Muriel Faure, Jean-Louis Laurens, Philippe Marchessaux, Andrea Rossi, Daniel Roy, Philippe Setbon and Pascal Voisin.

Perrier has been a member of the executive committee of Crédit Agricole since 2003. Since 2007, he has also been director of asset management and financial services to institutional investors at the group.

This role includes the position of chief executive of Amundi, whose creation he oversaw in 2010 via the merger of the asset management businesses of Crédit Agricole and Societe Generale.

He is also chairman of the board of directors of European fund custodian and administrator Caceis and chairs the institutional investors committee at Paris Europlace financial forum.

Eric Pinon has been deputy chief executive of Acer Finance since 2006, where he oversees relations with institutional and private clients and the company’s compliance and internal control functions.

He previously worked as a senior executive of stockbroker Michel Puget, until it merged with the Barclays group, when he went on to form Europe Egide Finance. When this firm was sold to KBL France he became a member of KBL’s executive board and then its supervisory board.

He has also served as vice-chairman of the AFG, chaired its entrepreneurial asset management firms’ committee and is a member of the board of directors.

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