Towers Watson appoints Hermes for ESG service

ESG investingTowers Watson, an investment adviser to institutions that manage over $2 trillion (€1.8 trillion) of assets, has appointed Hermes EOS to engage with companies on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Emma Hunt, senior investment consultant at Towers Watson, says: “We have long taken the view that we are not passive participants in the investment world. With over $2 trillion of assets under advice, we believe it is important that we use our influence to change investment for the better.”

She says collaborating with other investors is a “powerful way to enhance the leverage that we can have”.

Colin Melvin, chief executive of Hermes EOS, says Towers Watson is Hermes EOS’ first consulting and fiduciary management client.

Hermes EOS is owned by Hermes Investment Management, which is itself owned by BT Pension Scheme, the pension fund of British Telecom.

Hermes advises on investments totaling over £134 billion (€185 billion) through its ESG and stewardship services.

Among its activities, Hermes EOS presses regulators for better standards on wages, health and safety, bribery and corruption and human rights.

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