• Emerging markets sign

    Saudi Arabia could “destabilise” frontier markets

    Saudi Arabia could destabilise frontier market indices if it fails to qualify as an emerging market under MSCI rules.

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  • HMRC

    UK to clamp down on non-disclosure jurisdictions

    Investors who move money to non-disclosure jurisdictions will be kept in check by new rules from the UK tax authorities, which plan to make it a criminal offence to evade offshore tax.

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  • Euro sign

    Hedge fund investors confident about Europe

    Europe-focused strategies have attracted inflows from hedge fund investors, who show confidence in Europe's credit and equity markets.

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  • Oil pumps

    Heartwood backs fracking to reduce UK oil imports

    In the wake of anti-fracking protests across London, Heartwood Investment Management has declared the controversial technology is "here to stay".

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  • Gold bars 1

    Investors allocate to gold amid rising Ukraine tensions

    ETF Securities says its long gold exchange-traded products (ETPs) saw inflows for the fifth consecutive week during the week ending August 17, adding that investors are allocating to

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