Top ten global cities for millionaires

Private jetTokyo tops the list of cities for millionaires worldwide, with 461,000 millionaires, ahead of New York City (Manhattan) and London.

London, however, tops the list of multi-millionaires, and New York that of billionaires.

Andrew Amoils, analyst at London-based consultancy WealthInsight, which compiled the list, says Tokyo ranks high in the list of millionaires partly because many wealthy New Yorkers live off the Island cities, such as Greenwich.

New York is home to 389,000 and London to 281,000 millionaires.

The list continues with Paris (219,000), Frankfurt (217,000), Beijing (213,000), Osaka (190,000), Hong Kong (187,000), Shanghai (166,000) and Singapore (157,000).

WealthInsight defines millionaires as those who have net assets of $1 million or more, excluding their primary residences.

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