Top 10 Berlin restaurants


Despite not being historically associated with culinary prowess, Germany has quietly and quickly become home to some of the continent’s finest restaurants. In particular, Berlin’s increasingly diverse gastronomic offering has attracted many Michelin stars in recent years. Below are some of the city’s best eateries, catering to every conceivable palate.

A jewel in Berlin’s gastronomic crown, Borchardt’s doors first opened in 1853, welcoming Germany’s bourgeoisie classes, and even royalty. Today, the aristocrats are in short supply, but Barack Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio did recently stop by. Its menu is unpretentious, but far from artless.

Die Quadriga
Named after the four-horse-chariot Quadriga of Victory statue at the top of the Brandenburg Gate, this suitably imperious Michelin-starred restaurant offers a seasonal Scandinavian menu that’s delicious all year round. Moreover, it is unique among Berlin restaurants in offering a strictly national wine list.

Ganymed Brasserie
One of Berlin’s few riverside restaurants, Ganymed’s traditional interior is coupled with a riverside veranda, ideal for admiring passing boats on the Spree in the sunshine. Its diverse menu is pan-European, although weighted towards French cuisine.

Grill Royal
Combining a meat-dominated menu, intimate lighting and retro chic décor, it’s difficult not to feel like you’re feasting on the set of a 1960s spy movie. The meat and fish hangs freely for all to see, and patrons can pick the piece(s) that take their fancy.

Hugos’ sumptuous array of seafood dishes is matched by an extensive array of wines sourced from both East and West Europe. Situated on the 14th floor of the Hotel InterContinental, it offers some of the finest and highest views of the city.

Lutter & Wegner
Here, diners can experience Berlin’s comestible heritage in aptly historic environs. The menu is Austro-centric, the wine sourced from all over Europe. A terrace offering stunning views of Berlin’s famous Gendarmenmarkt Square is a must in the summer.

Secreted in a former factory building, Reinstoff offers an intimate dining experience. The head chef takes an ‘avant-garde’ approach to menu construction, with each dish fusing culinary elements from all over Europe. The establishment possesses one Michelin star, a plaudit visitors will likely consider insufficient.

No guide to Berlin’s best restaurants would be replete without a beer hall. While situated at the more formal end of the Bierpalast spectrum, and decorated in a style evoking 1920s Weimar, its drinks selection is home to a number of locally brewed specialities. A carnivore-friendly menu modern takes a modernising approach to regional specialities.

Don’t let the informal milieu fool you – this bistro’s kitchen is helmed by a Michelin-starred chef. He has a reputation for inventive permutations of traditional German delicacies – and believes a restaurant experience should be no different from dining in a friend’s home. 

A delightful slice of Tokyo in the heart of trendy Mitte. Germany and Berlin alike aren’t renowned for their seafood – while neither is truly landlocked, access to rivers and seas is limited. However, Zenkichi not only goes to great lengths to source the finest fresh fish for its sushi, but also demonstrates there’s more to Japanese food than nigiri.