Survey of finance professionals evenly split over Brexit

Finance professionals, including those working in asset management, are split on whether the UK should leave the EU, a survey suggests.

Forty-nine percent wanted to leave; the same number wanted to remain.

The responses from finance professionals to the survey were drawn from a larger pool, totaling 1,169 respondents, made up of private investors and the general public. A marketing platform called dianomi carried out the research and noted the data from finance professionals group was not statistically significant owing to its small size.

A quarter of the professionals in the survey said they would sell shares if the UK left, though 11% said they’d buy them.

Only 2% would buy the FTSE 100 while 20% would short it.

Of the 49% that wanted to leave the EU, almost 60% predicted a better short-term economic performance and 96% predicted a better long-term performance.

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