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ETFs 2011 ETF_11_cover Client base: Institutions hold the majority of ETFs in Europe, but who are these “institutions”?
Tracking error: Some ETFs are less faithful to the index return than others
Active ETFs: The concept of an ETF with elements of active management starts gaining traction
Executive interview: Ted Hood of Source outlines the importance of hedge funds to the growth of the market
Sponsored profile: BNY Mellon set to continue to benefit from the growth in the global ETF business
Market development: ETFs have continued to proliferate across Europe. We look at the trends
Exchanges: Stephan Kraus of Deutsche Börse explains the importance of exchanges to ETF providers
Sponsored profile: THEAM, the newly launched specialist asset manager within BNP Paribas IP, focuses on high quality products
Roundtable discussion: Intelligent tracking comes of age - Performance, fees, product development: some of the topics industry leaders discussed
Nordics 2011 nordics_11_cover AP funds: The struggle of Sweden's pension funds
Regulation: Depositories under threat
Distribution: The changing relationship between managers and distributors
Roundtable - Asset management: Fund managers change tactics to stay competitive
Executive interview: Richard Gröttheim, AP7 CEO, talks about restructuring
Outsourcing: It's catching on
Investment trends: Can the markets maintain their spectacular performance?
Roundtable - Asset Servicing: The panel talk about new challenges and opportunities
Luxembourg 2011 Lux_11_cover Corporate Governance: Fund Directors spend more time in meetings
Ucits V: The new regulaion will rekindle the discussion about depository liability
Alternative asset servicing: Asset service providers partner with independent banks
Executve Roundtable: Experts debate the challenges of Ucits IV and other issues
New markets: Interview with Camille Thommes, Director General at Alfi
Distribution: Christophe Girondel, at Nordea, talks about product demand and Latin America
Inside view: Real estate and Microfinance
MiFID: How will MiFID review affect Ucits products?
Executive panel: Senior asset servicing executives discuss challenges and opportunities in the market
Securities Lending 2011
News: A round-trip of recent events in the world of securities lending
Market activity: The gap between supply and demand is increasing, but lenders are coming back
Round table UK: The panel talks about market volumes and the changes in securities lending agreements
Lending agents: The efford lending agents have made to revive interest in flagging markets
Round table US: Senior executives talk about the strenght of US securities agreements
ETFs 2010 ETFs_11 Alternatives: ETFs offering exposure to esoteric asset calsses under scrutiny
Emerging markets: The need for single-coutry products
Inside view: Koei Imai, of Nikko Asset Management talks about Japan's ETFs market
Servicing: A look at ETFs operations
Fees: Providers count on the cheapness of their products for success
Indices: We talk to Dimitris Melas, of MSCI, about risk-weighted and value-weighted indices
Consultants: Are they still reluctant to provide advice on ETFs?
Roundtable: Our panel discuss industry developments past and future
Awards 2010 Awards_10 02 Judges & Sponsors
04 Awards ceremony
08 European Asset Management Personality
09 European CIO
10 European Asset Management Company >€20bn
11 European Asset Management Company <€20bn
12 European Specialist Investment Company
14 European Hedge Fund, European Institutional Investor
16 European Fund Launch, European Marketing Campaign
18 European ETF Provider of the Year, European Advisor
20 European Asset Servicing Personality
21 European Custodian of the Year
22 European Administrator
24 European Hedge Fund Administrator, European Specialist Administrator
25 European Transfer Agent
27 European Front Office Provider, European Trading Venue
28 European Middle, European Back Office Provider
December 2010

Executive Interviews

INTERVIEW: Put your money where your mouth is

Jun 10, 2016

At Kempen Capital Management, they believe portfolio managers should invest in their own funds. David Stevenson talks to Lars Dijkstra, CIO of the €42 billion manager.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: ‘Volatility is the name of the game’

May 13, 2016

Axa Investment Managers chief executive officer, Andrea Rossi, talks to David Stevenson about bringing all his firm’s subsidiaries under one name and the opportunities that a difficult market...


ROUNDTABLE: Beyond the hype

Oct 13, 2016

The use of smart beta investing continues to grow. Our panel, made up of both providers and users, discusses what the strategy actually means, how it should be used and the kind of pitfalls that may arise when using this innovative investment technique.

MIFID II ROUNDTABLE: Following the direction of travel

Sep 07, 2016

Fund management firms Aberdeen and HSBC Global meet with specialist providers to speak about how the industry is evolving towards MiFID II.