Schroders clients positive about government bonds

Europe_mapA survey of 120 intermediary clients of the UK fund management firm Schroders revealed that 81% believe that the euro will not collapse despite current problems in the Eurozone.

However, significant concerns towards the region exist with 59% considering European structural problems as the most pressing global macroeconomic issue today followed by US structural problems (22%).

Furthermore, there was a strong consensus (62%) that the best path for Europe is to put Greece into a “managed” default and recapitalise the banks at a national level.

In light of recent market volatility, the survey reveals a positive outlook towards certain government bonds and gold, said Schroders. Almost half believe that German, UK and US bonds will yield between 2-4% in five years’ time and 31% believe the same bonds will yield 4-6%. Attitudes towards gold are also optimistic with almost 40% believing that the gold price will reach at least $2,000 per ounce in two years.

Schroders surveyed its clients, who were from various parts of the world, at a recent Schroders Investment Conference in London.

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