Pensions survey reveals diversity of predictions for Brexit

About half of UK pension professionals surveyed believed that Brexit could knock as much as 10% off the value of their portfolios.

However, the survey of 120 professionals by mallowstreet, a pensions forum, found 10% predicted a positive impact, potentially generating 5% additional returns, while a third predicted no impact.

Most negatively, 5% predicted losses of more than 10% if Britain leaves the EU after the June 23 referendum.

Fifty-one per cent of the respondents believed any resulting impact would be “quite” negative, predicting up to 10% loss on the assets in their portfolio.

Exactly 40% of respondents said a ‘leave’ vote would make it more difficult to do business with Europe.

In the event of Brexit, 42% believed UK equities would be the worst performing asset class, followed by 27% who believed the worst performing asset class will be UK property.

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