Norwegian pension funds boost responsible investment strategy

SRINorway’s Ministry of Finance has appointed Inflection Point Capital Management (IPCM), which is led by former UN Earth Summit adviser Matthew Kiernan, with a four-year general consultancy contract for responsible investment.

IPCM will “assist with strategic thinking, analysis and data around responsible investment” for the Government Pension Fund Global and the Government Pension Fund Norway, covering global and domestic investments.

Two additional companies, MSCI Barra and McKinsey & Company, have been awarded four-year consultancy contracts by the Ministry covering investment strategy.

IPCM, which is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and was founded in 2013, formed a joint venture 18 months ago with the Paris-headquartered Groupe La Française, a multi-asset class manager with nearly €50 billion under management.

IPCM’s Strategically Aware Investing approach underpins a range of funds approaching €1 billion in assets managed by the asset management arm of the joint venture, La Française Inflection Point.

Kiernan, IPCM founder and chief executive, says: “This is certainly an exciting project and we are thrilled to be working with an investor that has helped to define some of the most forward-looking thinking in the global responsible investment field, including deepening the understanding of the responsibilities and challenges inherent in being a universal owner.”

Kiernan was an advisor to the Secretary General of the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

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