Aquila’s windfarm investment to light up 220,000 Swedish homes

Wind turbinesAquila Capital is to finance a Swedish wind farm project that will eventually power 223,800 homes.

Called Project Valhalla, the wind farm is described as one of the largest in Europe, consisting of 85 turbines with a capacity of 357 megawatts and an energy output of more than 1.1 terrawatts when it is completed.

The project is located North-West of Stockholm in a region with high-energy demand from corporate and industrial customers, Aquila said. 

The average wind speed in the area is approximately 7.2 metres per second at the turbines’ hub height.

The project is sold by OX2, a firm that will build the project and with whom Aquila already has a partnership. A figure for the investment was not given.

Aquila Capital said the acquisition means that the firm now manages renewable energy projects in Europe with a capacity of over 2,300 megawatts.

Roman Rosslenbroich, CEO and co-founder of Aquila Capital, said: “Wind energy investments in the Nordics region are getting more and more attractive investments and this project is especially remarkable due to the technical dimension and its performance features.”

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