Editorial Synopsis November 2017
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County report: France
On a recent visit to Paris we asked asset managers and investor-services providers about how the French industry is thriving, and we present our findings here, including interviews with senior figures. (No interviews are requested for this article)

Distribution: Target markets
With the MiFID II deadline approaching, how fund managers can ensure their funds are being sold to the intended type of customer still remains a challenge.

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The ‘G’ refers to governance and we ask asset managers with ESG programmes about their most forceful corporate governance measures over the last 12 months.

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Fixed income
Bond investors are increasingly preparing for a rise in central bank policy rates. Such amove could kill the value of bonds so we ask how fund managers are preparing.

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Reporting on the Sibos banking technology conference in Toronto, where cybersecurity was one of the hottest topics. (No interviews are requested for this article)

We present our annual custody survey and consider some of the most pertinent issues affecting the industry, such as blockchain and the safekeeping of assets, an issue that has risen up again recently.

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Fund management operations: Automate you prospectus
Funds Europe looks at the feasibility of total automation for the development of fund prospectuses. Is it possible and can it be done with compliance frameworks?.

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