Where private equity managers will domicile their next funds

Brexit_signsA majority of the UK private equity and real estate industry believes that a ‘soft’ Brexit will help fundraising, a survey – that also considered future domiciling for funds – has found.

The rest of those surveyed were split between feeling a soft Brexit would have no impact or harm their fundraising capabilities.

Based on a survey of over 100 investors and managers, the Augentius research shows that despite the political turbulence in Europe and the US, a majority of managers in those countries were finding 2017 to be as they had anticipated, or even easier.

Overall global sentiment is steady, though a significant minority in all regions are finding 2017 harder than anticipated.

The results also pour cold water on fears of a Brexit-driven exodus from the UK as a domicile – at least for the time being.

Over half of European managers said they were likely to domicile their next fund in the UK or the Channel Islands, with the UK leading the pack at 35%. Luxembourg, the third most popular choice, was significantly lower at 14%.

Ian Kelly, group CEO of Augentius, said: “For all the sound and fury on both sides of the Atlantic regarding the shock political developments of the last year and a half, global markets have remained relatively buoyant – and private equity and real estate is no exception. Our snapshot of sector sentiment reveals a picture of cautious optimism.”

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