WisdomTree brings quality-tilt India ETF to London

London-stock-exchangeETF provider WisdomTree has followed up the German and Italian listings for its smart beta Indian equities ETF with a listing in London.

The WisdomTree India Quality Ucits ETF, which is now listed on the London Stock Exchange, offers smart beta exposure to Indian stocks with a focus on “quality”.

Quality is measured by above average asset returns and return-on-equity, the firm said.

The ETF tracks the WisdomTree India Quality Index, which is focused on the top 33% of companies using a combined ranking of the three-year average return on assets and return on equity. Index constituents are then weighted by market capitalisation and WisdomTree said these factors had meant exposure to quality stocks was consistent.

The fund has diversification, with over 100 constituents, and a broad sector exposure tilted towards the core drivers of growth in the Indian economy, said Nizam Hamid, ETF strategist at WisdomTree.

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