Impact investing set for prosperous 2016

Green energy1Investors plan to increase their ‘impact’ investments by 16% this year, and fund managers expect to nearly double capital raised.

The figures are part of the Global Impact Investing Network’s sixth annual Impact Investor Survey. The findings signal continued market growth, and an increasing interest in impact investing opportunities.

Impact investing refers to investments with social or environmental benefits.

Survey respondents committed a total of $15.2 billion (€13.5 billion) to impact investments in 2015, and plan to increase that total by 16% to $17.7 billion this year. Nearly 90% of respondents said their investments performed in line with their expectations, or exceeded them (19% reported outperformance).

Fund managers raised $6.7 billion for impact investing last year, and expect to raise $12.4 billion this year.

The most commonly targeted impact themes were improving access to finance for the poor, employment generation, and health improvement, followed by education and income growth and livelihood support.

The top targeted environmental impact themes were renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean technology.

The survey gauged the opinions of 158 separate impact investing organisations, including fund managers, family offices, pension funds and insurance companies.

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