ETF assets under management fall again

Arrow downFollowing a shock fall in January, assets under management in European exchange-traded funds (ETFs) fell again in February.

ETF assets fell by about €4 billion to €426.1 billion, though Thomson Reuters Lipper said the decrease was almost entirely driven by the performance of underlying markets, with net inflows remaining positive at €2.3 billion.

Equity ETFs continued to hold the majority of assets at €292.3 billion, followed by bond ETFs at €109.8 billion and commodity ETFs at €13.4 billion. However, equity ETFs were also the only funds to suffer outflows (-€2.1 billion), and bond funds attracted the largest inflows.

The ETF classifications with the highest assets under management were Equity US (€59.5 billion), followed by Equity EuroZone (€43.0 billion), Equity Europe (€27.3 billion), and Equity Global (€25.1 billion).

Together with Bond EUR Corporates (€20.2 billion), these five classifications accounted for 41.12% of the total assets managed by European ETFs.

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