Norwegian investors smitten with equities

EquityMomentum from Norwegian investors for equity funds has continued, official figures show.

In February, Norwegian retail investors ploughed 185 million krone (€19.6 million) into equity funds, but withdrew several hundreds of million of krone from balanced funds and fixed income funds.

Norwegian Fund and Asset Management Association (VFF) figures show that Norwegian investors have grown increasingly enamoured with equity funds since December last year.

Institutional investors were more balanced in February, sending net inflows of 2.4 billion krone into equity funds and 2.5 billion krone into fixed income funds.

Norway’s investment community was first noted to favour equities over other fund classes in November 2015, when net inflows into Norwegian equity funds exceeded 1 billion krone (€105 million), the highest monthly total that year.

In January this year, VFF figures indicated Norwegian investors remained bullish despite market volatility. Institutional investors pushed net fund sales to 11.9 billion krone, with the bulk – 6.7 billion krone – going to equity funds.

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