Liquidnet starts roll out of algo trading suite

Algorithmic tradingLiquidnet, an institutional trading network, has launched a “next generation” of algorithmic trading tools aimed at its institutional asset manager community.

The Next Gen Algo suite is built to help managers find large-scale liquidity, outperform benchmarks and trade portfolios, the firm says.

The suite is the only one to leverage Liquidnet’s “deep and diverse pool of institutional liquidity” that spans five continents and 13.7 billion shares.

Liquidnet operates in numerous mainstream, or “lit”, markets, so-called dark pools, and block markets.

Rob Laible, global head of Liquidnet’s execution & quantitative services (EQS) group, says: “What we’ve heard consistently from our members is that their biggest challenge is finding the liquidity they need while striving to achieve best execution.”

Next Gen Algo will start trading US equities this week and roll out globally into 2016.

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