June 2014

FUND FORUM: The view from Monaco

MonacoAs senior executives from across the funds industry prepare for the FundForum International conference, we ask top individuals what will be the hot topics.

Fund management executives are gathering in Monaco for FundForum International, which takes place annually between 24-26 June at its usual home, the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco.

In talks, panel discussions and networking sessions, the men and women at the heart of the funds industry will examine the big issues that affect them. As in previous years, we have asked a selection of high-profile individuals from organisations around the world that will attend the conference to give us their thoughts on some of the topics that are likely to be discussed.

Some of the issues include: Ucits V, which was recently passed by the European parliament and will be a template for fund manufacturers in years to come; the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), which fund companies are rapidly implementing; the financial transaction tax, which continues to generate controversy but shows no sign of disappearing; and, perhaps most controversial of all, attempts by European regulators to cap fund managers’ pay.

In the following pages you can find insightful comments on these and other issues as well as a potted summary of the main speeches and panels at the event.

The conference organisers have looked outside the industry to find some of the biggest-name speakers, however. Among others, Philippa Malmgren, former financial adviser to the White House, will be discussing what is and isn’t priced in the global economy. Technology entrepreneur Alec Ross will be talking about cyber security and freedom. Meanwhile, psychologist Caspar Berry will be examining how people make long-term decisions using the metaphor of playing poker.

You can also hear experts discuss topics such as How China sees the west, What if Amazon bought your company and Resetting the funds model.

And if that doesn’t pique your interest, consider that after the conference day is done, delegates can relax with a gin and tonic by the gentle waves of the Mediterranean.

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