Tobam reduces bond carbon footprint

Carbon_footprintFrance’s Tobam, a quantitative asset manager, says it is reducing the carbon footprint of its fixed income portfolios by 20% versus the portoflio’s benchmark.

To do this, the firm said it had adopted a “carbon footprint reduction policy” to its bond investments about a year after applying a similar policy across its equity portfolios.

Yves Choueifaty, founder and chief executive of Tobam, said: “The systematic implementation of the carbon footprint reduction to all our equity and fixed income strategies is consistent with our investment beliefs of long-term investing and integration of ESG across the board rather than having a dedicated sustainable and responsible funds range. We consider sustainability a core value”.

Christophe Roehri, deputy chief executive at the firm, said the previous policy on carbon within equities had  “received genuine enthusiasm across our network”.

The firm said another climate-related activity is the offsetting of 150% of its annual corporate carbon footprint since 2011 by subsidising green and reforestation projects.

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