Public data charts crisis-to-recovery fund sales for first time

Data chartsEuropean open-ended funds saw outflows of over €13 billion in 2008 turn into sales of €178 billion last year, according to publicly available flow data that for the first time traces an arc from the financial crisis to the present.

The International Investment Funds Association (IIFA) has until now only published data for global fund sales and assets under management going back to 2014.

But after two years of data cleansing, the IIFA – a body of fund associations from around the world – has extended the timeline and intends the data to be of use to regulators, researchers and analysts.

“This is the first time any fund data provider has published for public use such a lengthy historical time series of data on regulated open-end funds,” said a spokeswoman for the European Fund and Asset Management Association, which compiles data from European trade bodies for the IIFA.

Fund associations from around the world also contributed and as a result of the expanded timeline, the IIFA has also added data on exchange-traded funds, institutional funds, guaranteed/protected funds, and open-ended real estate funds.

Called the ‘World historical assets and flows for regulated open-end funds’, the report showed that European funds held €6.98 trillion of assets in the first quarter of 2007. This dived by €1 trillion by the year end, but by the close of 2017 they had more than doubled to €14.79 trillion.

The data also showed:

  • The 47,436 funds in Europe in 2008 rose to 54,771 funds at the end of 2017
  • Asia-Pacific saw its funds rise from 17,078 to 30,196 over the same time period
  • China saw some of the largest growth in fund numbers: 354 in 2008, to 4,361 in 2017

The report contains data on assets, sales and number of funds from 48 jurisdictions.

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