Neuberger Berman fund targets driverless vehicles

Autonomously driven vehicles are a theme that a new investment fund seeks exposure to as changes take place in transportation.

Neuberger Berman has launched the Next Generation Mobility Fund that taps into disruption affecting the global transport industry.

Saurin Shah, Yan Taw Boon and Michael Barr will invest in about 40 to 60 stocks of companies involved in autonomous, electric and connected vehicles, and firms positioned to benefit from these new technologies.

Shah said: “The three trends of next generation mobility - autonomous, connected and electric vehicles - will accelerate the paradigm shift towards auto tech and require investment expertise in autos and tech as well as the need for careful analysis and portfolio diversification. 

“Moreover, while some parts of the next generation mobility theme are many years away [such as] omnipresent robo-taxis, there are considerable revenue and profit pools here and now and they are set to grow rapidly with greater adoption.”

The fund is a sub-fund of the firm’s Irish-domiciled Ucits umbrella and is being sold across Europe. Registration is also sought in Switzerland and across Asia.

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