Invesco to end PowerShares brand

RebrandingInvesco is to drop its associated brand names, including that of active ETF provider PowerShares, and move towards one name for all its businesses.

PowerShares, Trimark and Perpetual will be retired gradually in favour of the Invesco brand after a “thoughtful transition”, the company said.

Invesco aims to have most of the brand transition work completed by the end of the year.

Marty Flanagan, Invesco president and chief executive, said PowerShares’ transition would build on its reputation as a pioneer in factor and smart beta investing.

The move means Invesco is rolling its active and passive businesses under one name.

Dan Draper, global head of ETFs for Invesco, said: “As we focus to providing meaningful solutions to help clients achieve their investment objectives, we will transition PowerShares to the Invesco brand, which encompasses our full range of active, passive and alternative capabilities.”

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