Inflows continue into global and European ETPs

ETFsExchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchange-traded products (ETPs) listed globally gathered net inflows of US$18.99 billion (€15.34 billion) in March.

Figures published by the ETFGI consultancy show that year-to-date net inflows in the three months to March were $137.12 billion, down from $197.28 billion of inflows in the first quarter of 2017.

There have now been 50 consecutive months of net inflows into ETFs/ETPs listed globally, with the  majority going into low-cost, core and market cap ETFs/ETPs.

Assets invested in ETFs/ETPs listed globally fell by $49.33 billion, or 1.00%, in March 2018 to $4.919 trillion from $4.968 trillion at the end of February.

The net inflows into global ETFs was also reflected in separate figures for Europe-domiciled ETFs published by Thomson Reuters Lipper which show net inflows for March of €0.8 billion.

Assets under management in the European ETF industry decreased for March €628.3 billion, down from €632.2 billion at the end of February.

The figures also showed that:

     •  Equity ETFs had net inflows of €0.9 billion in March and had the highest net inflows of the European ETF industry.

     •  The best-selling Lipper global classification for March was Equity US (+€1.8 billion), followed by Equity Emerging Markets Global (+€1.1 billion) and Equity Global (+€0.7 billion).

     •  Xtrackers was the best-selling ETF promoter in Europe for March (+€0.8 billion), ahead of UBS ETF (+€0.7 billion) and Vanguard (+€0.5 billion).

     •  The ten best-selling funds gathered total net inflows of €3.4 billion for March.

     •  The best-selling ETF for March, iShares $ TreasuryBond 7-10yr Ucits ETF USD (Dist), accounted for net inflows of €0.7 billion or 84.68% of the overall net inflows.

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