Gravis Capital Partners rebrands with tortoise logo

Rebranding1London-based investment management group Gravis Capital Partners has rebranded as Gravis and adopted a tortoise logo, to represent the steady returns that its investors can expect.

The rebranding was launched this week with an advertising campaign and updated website.

The company said its rebranding captures both sides of its business and culture: the creative and inventive angle and the steady, ‘sleep at night’, steadfast returns that investors look for from Gravis’ funds.

Executive chairman Stephen Ellis, said: “We needed to make sure we had a brand that did justice to the exciting, ground breaking and successful business we have built and that the image we put out to the world truly represents who we are and who we want to be as a business.

“The combination of this has given our team a clear and powerful point of view that will support our objectives as we continue to grow the business.”

Gravis has over £2 billion (€2.18 billion) of funds under management and advises GCP Infrastructure Investments Limited, GCP Student Living plc, GCP Asset Backed Income Fund Limited and VT Gravis UK Infrastructure Income Fund Ltd.

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