European investors still influenced by global financial crisis

global financial crisisMany investors are still influenced in their investment decisions by the global financial crisis that started a decade ago, research has found.

Fund manager Legg Mason obtained opinions from investors around the globe and found that 50% in the UK were still affected by the crisis.

However, the UK was just above average. The global average was 48% based on the views of 16,810 active investors.

Across Europe the picture was mixed, but a number of European countries reported that more than half of investors were still impacted by the crisis, including France (56%), Spain (60%), Italy (57%) and Belgium (59%).

Meanwhile, just 30% of Swedish and 37% of German investors said it still had an impact on where they invest.

Alex Barry, head of UK fund sales at Legg Mason, said: “The results illustrate that the GFC [Global Financial Crisis] still has a major impact on investors’ psyches. To be still discussing an event a decade later is unusual, and illustrates what a pivotal point in history the credit crisis and subsequent global recession were.”

Another finding was that 81% of UK investors said they were investing for the long-term for events such as retirement income, rather than for the short-term, ahead of the global average of 75%.

All the investors surveyed planned to invest the equivalent of at least £10,000 in the next 12 months and said they changed their portfolios regularly.

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